Grades 3-5

After grade 3, your child will need to read more and across other academic subjects as they progress through school. There are resources and supports to help if your child is reading below grade level. These can help in building stronger reading skills for your child.

Elementary School Reading

A. Tips

  • Ask your child’s teacher about your child’s reading scores.
  • If your child is below grade level, ask the teacher if your child needs tested for help.
  • Continue your ReadStrong routine – make time for your child to read 20 minutes daily.
  • Have fun with reading – Turn-off the TV and other screen devices.
  • Have your child read to younger children or read recipes and directions aloud.
  • Use different sources for reading materials – school, public library, and digital library, like myON.

and Get Help early if you think your child is having any problems.

Get Help!
Reading Success

B. Resources

Get help for your child.

  • Attend ReadStrong events.
  • Visit the PTA’s Family Resources page.
  • Join your child’s PTA. Receive info. about family events and meetings that support reading.
  • Try different library resources – visit myON digital library and your local library.
  • Keep building your child’s reading skills – Sign-up at ReadStrong for info. on free programs that may be offered at your child’s school during the school year and summer.

Inspiring Readers of All Ages

Read Strong featuring
Corey Thornton | Music Video

On Friday, ReadStrong Pinellas and Tampa Bay rapper, Corey Thornton celebrate Summer Learning Week by releasing Corey’s newest music video titled, READ STRONG. At the Barbara S. Ponce Library BreakSpot for Grab & Go Meals for Kids, ReadStrong Pinellas and Corey provided children with reading tips and links to Corey’s music video.