What is Grade-Level Reading?

Reading on Grade-Level is a Vital Skill.

Reading on Grade -Level is a vital skill for every child and youth because it impacts high school graduation and career success.

In Pinellas County, almost half our students do not read on grade-level and many preschoolers are not ready for kindergarten.

ReadStrong helps parents and caregivers power up their child’s reading skills, beginning at birth through a child’s school years. We do this through fun family events, parent meetings, and requests for information and help.

What does Reading on Grade-Level mean?

Reading on Grade-Level means that your child has scored a Level 3 (or above) on the Florida Standards Assessment, known as the FSA. When your child enters elementary school, this test is given by your child’s school each year for grades 3-10. Click here for more information on Florida’s Standards Assessments

Every year, your child’s school sends home information about where you can find your child’s FSA scores. In 3rd grade, a child’s reading level can be a key predictor of a student’s future progress in school.

Highly likely to need substantial support for the next grade/course

Likely to need substantial support for the next grade/course

May need additional support for the next grade/course

Likely to excel in the next grade/course

Highly likely to excel in the next grade/course

So your child may not be Reading on Grade-Level

Families are not alone. We are here to help to build ReadStrong readers.

There are ways that you can power-up your child to become a stronger reader – Visit Tips and Resources for more information.

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